The ,,KODUMETS" was founded in 1991 as a private limited company by 5 persons belonging to the one and same family circle and re-registered as a joint stock company in 1996.
We are located in an industrial park near to the southern border of Tartu.
We started as a regional provider of Estonian pulp wood to Enso-Gutzeit OY paper mills in Finland , but for 17 years we have changed our profile and now we have specialized on:

-sale of equipment for joiners workshops imported  from Germany
- property sale (forests)
- sale and renting of offices and production rooms
- consulting private forest owners in silviculture and timber    sale

Over the times our long term partners have been:
  - Land- und Kraftzeugtechnik GmbH Crivitz in Germany
  - Enso-Gutzeit OY (now Stora-Enso OY) in Finland
  - Krokhals hf in Iceland
  - Solor Treimpregnering A/S in Norway

Person in charge of export: Mr. Eller Rikaste
Languages: English, Finnish, Russian, German
Telefon: +372 5341 9197
Working hours: M - F  9.00 - 17.00
Holding: EUR 17 384.-